Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giant sausage roll

It's right there on the label.


Anonymous said...

Surely you've tasted better before PTR?

PTR said...

oh yes!

Anonymous said...


Rather than going to all the expense of buying the giant sausage roll, my top tip for entertaining is to buy ordinary sausage rolls and then invite all the midgets you know around for dinner. Your photos have that giant-sausage-roll feeling of excess and largesse, but at a fraction of the cost!

Expansive without being expensive - that's the pioneer spirit that will see us through this GFC!

PTR said...

I was saying something similar to one of my Esteemed Colleagues yesterday at uni. It would work really well if I gave them fun-size Mars bars and those weird short stubbies that only seem to be available in Queensland as well, just to emphasize the giant-ness of the sausage roll!

Anonymous said...


Isn't a Balfours a sort of enormous WW1 British Naval Gun?

If so, it seems an odd brand name for a sausage roll? "Get this into you, it'll really sink the Bismark"


PTR said...

Hmm, that does sound very familiar, but I can't find any source to confirm it. Are you sure it's not a type of navel gun?

I did discover that "Balfoer" is Icelandic for "cremation". It's put me right off sausage rolls, let me tell you.

PTR said...

Aha! I think we are both thinking of Bofors.