Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More self-satisfied claptrap from your friendly neighborhood trapclapper

You probably already know that I am fond of sites on the internet that allegedly analyze blog feeds for "information" about the blogger. Here are two more that I found today:

Over at oFaust.com they claim to be able to tell you which classic author you are most like. I am most like Lewis Carroll, author of Jabberwocky. The coiner of the phrase "vorpal sword" is a good guy in my book! Disappointing that I'm only 34% alike though. Aaah, I see - a quick check on Wikipedia tells me that Carroll's genre is that of "literary nonsense". I'm obviously only similar to the "literary" bit of that, leaving his "nonsense" behind to choke on the dust and smoke thrown up by my spinning conceptual wheels.

Meanwhile, the Mood Analyzer tells me that I am 77.6% happy and 22.4% upset. That's actually a lot happier that I was expecting, considering that much of this blog consists of me deriding various people, places or things. Perhaps it could tell how happy that makes me.

I realize that this is probably about as fun for you as reading your friends' results in those Facebook quizzes that tell you which brand of frozen peas you are most like. Why not complain to me directly in the comments section below?


Anonymous said...

tis entertaing claptrap (and i most like mccains) i do enjoy testing my blog on these thingies as well and you are a most excellent source of them.
my site is uncharacteristly chirpy at an annoying chipper 98.6% happy.

PTR said...

98.6% happy? Good lord! Still, nothing a good bout of ECT won't fix...

Anonymous said...

Intrigue, my blog is only 56% happy.

I wonder if that reflects on me as a person! I also wonder what the statistical distribution of happiness is. I don't want to be below par!

PTR said...

"Only" 56% happy? There are plenty of people, I am sure, who are much less happy than that. Don't worry too much about it I reckon. If only you were to tell us where your blog is, we could read some of it and give you a human opinion rather than relying on these stupid machines that we seem to have become enslaved by, that try to tell us garbage like how similar we are to dead authors with scandalous and unsavoury allegations blighting their reputations. Not that I'm bitter about it.