Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deafeningly loud vitally important

Every now and then I check my google analytics page to see how many people came to this blog, how they got here, and what they looked at. Oh all right - I check it obsessively every hour, just waiting for the day when I become Last Week's Big Thing.

Anyway, that's how I noticed that one of my readers arrived at the page by following a google link after searching for "deafeningly loud vitally important". It really made me laugh. I think if I am ever asked to summarize my blog in just four words I will choose those words. It's strange though, because although that's a great potted summary of this blog, in fact of me as a whole, I can't imagine what google chose to direct them to that I wrote. I could easily look it up myself I suppose but that would ruin all the fun.

Another reader arrived at my blog by searching for the words, "ouabain murder for hire", which is downright bizarre. I did write about ouabain about 9 months ago, but I don't recall ever casually mentioning murder for hire. Unless it was my evil twin Skippy. He's right into that kind of thing.


Anonymous said...


Speaking of The Next Big Web Thing - was that you on Channel Nine News on Friday? The way the "Chk-chk Boom" girl constructed her sentences, just seemed familiar.

I'm thinking of you as Clare Werbeloff from now on.

PTR said...

No comment.