Friday, November 21, 2014

The moment of revelation

Which reminds me, there was a period of a few months in the late eighties when I actually believed there were two bands, one called "In Excess" and another called "Inxes" (rhymes with "lynxes"). For some reason I never twigged to the fact that I only ever heard about In Excess and I only ever read about Inxes. Until one day I was on a plane listening to the pop music channel (8 separate channels!) through those old rubber-tube stethoscope-style earphones (aaah, no wonder I became a doctor) while perusing the playlist in the back of the in-flight magazine, and I realised that I was listening to INXS. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Game over, man, game over!

What spell do you think I would cast on you if I was a fairy?

I don't know, what?

I would cast a spell to make you BEAUTIFUL.
And a spell to make you CLEVER.
And a spell to make you FUNNY.
And a spell to make you PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.
And a spell to make you KIND.
And a spell to make you LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE.
And a spell to make you STRONG.
But if I could only cast one spell on you, I would cast a spell to make you HAPPY.

Thank you Dadda.

What spell would you cast on me if you were a fairy?

I would cast a spell - ALIEN!

What? Really?  Why would you do that?

Because all of the aliens are friendly.

Thank you sweetheart, that's very kind. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

The story about the happy Bony-Head

One day Bony-Head had a birthday.  Do you know how old he was?  He was one!  So invited all his Bony friends to the party.

He invited Bony-Fingers, and Bony-Elbows, and Bony-Chin, and Bony-Feet and Bony-Bottom.  They all came to his party and they brought Bony-presents for him, wrapped in pretty Bony-paper.  They played Bony-games, and sang Bony-songs, and ate Bony-cake.  They even got to take turns riding on the Bony-Pony.

It was the best birthday party ever.