Saturday, January 23, 2010

Post-midnight lament

It's been a funny old week.  All the doctors at my practise are really nice (as are all the nurses and admin staff too), and on a day-by-day basis I have been having a good experience so far.

But despite this, on the way home today I was overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness.  I really felt as if I know nothing, that I'm a third wheel, that I'm a socially inept dope with a stethoscope around my neck who would be destined for a career in pathology except for that fact that (as previously mentioned) I don't know anything.

Is there a word in English for when something is less than the sum of its parts?  The opposite of synergy?  Because that's how my week seems to have worked out.



Anonymous said...

at least you're not getting shown up by kids who are yet to undergo puberty

PTR said...

haha - yes I'm thankful for that!

Anonymous said...

But would any of us bother reading your blog if you were just banging on all the time about how good you were? No - we all get enough FIGJAM in real life.

We're drawn to your angsty post teen doubts. Your dabbles in insecurity is what makes your blogging appealing. After all, if there was an I in blog, it would be blig, (or logib - or if Apple had thought of it iBlog).

Revel in those feelings - that's what keeps your loyal readers tuning in for the next day's blog.

PTR said...

"Post-teen"?? Significantly post-teen. In fact, it's been more than twice as long since I was a teenager than the entire duration of my teenagerhood.

Anyway, as the Flopsy Bunnies would say, "Tomorrow is another day".

Anonymous said...

Some of the flopsy bunnies are very young, they looked blank when someone mentioned the Vietnam war. God, they are kids. I feel very old, don't know anything and feel like I am on the that special train platform in Harry Potter, kind of 3/4 there, where everyone else seems to be going somehwere on the real train and I am drifting along in some nebulous nether world where crazy stuff happens, waiting for the train. Can't figure out where to get the ticket everyone else seesm to have

PTR said...

Congratulations, you just passed the Turing test!