Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mexican cat flu

I think I have Mexican cat flu. Here's the evidence in support of my hypothesis:
  1. On Friday night I ate Mexican food at a friend's house. (It was, by the way, delicious.)
  2. On Saturday my cat sneezed on me.
  3. Today I feel rotten.
I think that's pretty conclusive, don't you? Mexico + sneezy cat + flu = Mexican cat flu.

The symptoms include:
  • sore throat
  • snoring
  • ineffective thermal homeostasis
  • tiredness
  • lethargy
  • inability to complete Learning Issues
  • marked resemblance to Hollywood stars
  • grumpiness
  • hirsuitism
As far as I know I'm the first patient in the world with this, so I'm being pretty experimental with treatment. I've put myself on a rigorous course of Strepsils, tea, oral bacon therapy, and plenty of bed rest. Even without the clear health benefits I would be recommending this to you.

A reminder: don't forget to vote in the cake cutting poll. And if you're going to vote "Other", could you please explain your answer in the comments section of the "Cake Cutting" post from Friday? If you don't, the terrorists have won.


Anonymous said...

I was sure this story was heading towards a tequilla analogy wherein you sucked the worm out of the cat - erk!

PTR said...

That is incredibly disgusting!

Anonymous said...


It's only disgusting if you don't have enough lemon wedges and salt (...although you still need to be pretty careful with the sequence of the lick, sip, suck)!