Wednesday, March 2, 2011

B-sides and rarities

Apparently March 2 is Old Stuff Day, when bloggers must recycle old posts to reduce greenhouse emissions.  So without further ado, here are my favourite posts from 2008, one from each calendar month:
 They may not be your favourites but hopefully you will re-read them and agree that I certainly have made up some bullshit in my time.


Anonymous said...

what about all the ones where I left completely unnecessary comments that were usually quite off topic. You sadden me.

Anonymous said...


I like the way that you digitally remastered the 2008 blogs and crushed out all the quirky analogue Art Neuvo mono VHS charm that made them so quirkly endearing in the first place.

Winston Smith would be proud of you!

Anonymous said...

In 1567, Ambroise Paré described an experiment to test the properties of the Bezoar Stone. At the time, the bezoar stone was commonly believed to be able to cure the effects of any poison, but Paré believed this to be impossible. It happened that a cook at Paré's court was caught stealing fine silver cutlery, and was condemned to be hanged. The cook agreed to be poisoned, on the conditions that he would be given some bezoar straight after the poison and go free in case he survived. The stone did not cure him, and he died in agony seven hours after being poisoned. Thus Paré had proved that the bezoar stone could not cure all poisons.

PTR said...

I feel like I've had some ineffective bezoaring when I read comments like that.