Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olfactional heavies

While I was ironing my shirt last night I noticed a strange odour rising from the ironing board.  On closer investigation I discovered that the end of the board was redolent with the smell of feline urine.  It seems that leaning the ironing board up in the laundry where the cat likes to pee on the floor may been an unwise decision.

I sniffed my shirt thoroughly since nobody really wants to turn up to work smelling like urine, but I was about 65% sure that I couldn't smell it, and hey - 65% is good enough for a credit in the subject "Not Smelling Like The Crazy Cat-Lady 101".  Besides, the Hatchling vomits, pees or poos on me most days and if I start to care too much about that kind of thing we'll have three times as much washing to do, so I just let it slide.

If anybody queries me about funny smells, I'm pointing the finger at the patients.


Anonymous said...

Smelling like cat pee.

Daubed in lividly coloured emissions from the Hatchling.

Mental patents casting aspersions at your standards of personal grooming.

Taking the concept of car pooling to the extreme by flooding the back seat.

PTR - it's all adding up to a nasty picture. On behalf of all your blogging buddies, I think it's time we staged an intervention.

PTR said...

Don't give me that - I'm just the only one who admits to it.

(and I really really REALLY can't believe I missed the car-pool joke...)