Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreams can come true

At home it's my job to leap up in the dead of night to deal with any nappy changes that need attending to and also to transport the Hatchling to and from my Smaller Half for feeding.  Sometimes I am pretty groggy when I'm staggering around with her in my arms, which is why conversations like this happen:

Smaller Half
You should talk to her when you're carrying her around.

Oh, yeah, sure.
Hi pooper-dooper, I was just having a dream that I was a superhero in the Justice League and I was running a cooking class on TV for the other super-heroes.  The Blue Beetle was there, and a bunch of other insect-like guys I didn't know.  I was teaching them how to cook prawns.  I'd made up a great song which explained it all.  It went:
And when they change colour to be all yummy
They're ready to go right into my tummy.

Smaller Half
OK, maybe don't talk to her so much.


jamie said...

I hope it was the original Blue Beetle and not this young, robotic suit wearing replacement they have. RESPECT!!

PTR said...

Definitely the original!