Thursday, September 9, 2010

A wee bowl of porridge

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Think of Scotland and what leaps to mind?  That's right - oats and bananas.  I've been getting right into having a sliced banana in a little bowl of porridge every morning.  It's not only delicious but warming and sustaining and apparently can help to lower your cholesterol reabsorption as well, so it's win/win/win. 

A few times in the last couple of weeks I've been close to the bottom of the bowl when I've had a spoonful of porridge which has tasted a bit strange.  It's almost a spicy taste, hot and salty.  Several years ago, an Esteemed Colleague mentioned to me that if you put a tiny pinch of salt in your oats the porridge comes out creamier and it really does work.  So I assumed that for some reason the salt wasn't dissolving properly and was having some strange reaction with the oats and making it taste funny.  So I've been diligently pre-dissolving the salt in the water beforehand to avoid this, because the taste really is a bit gross.

But today as I reached the bottom of the bowl, my spoon unearthed a deep brown lesion in my porridge, about the size of a grain of rice.  I poked at it.  It was soft.  I scooped it out.  I was able to smear it across the back of the spoon.  Horrified, I realized that it resembled nothing more than the poop that my late mouse Devondale used to do.  I'm pretty sure that those spicy salty grenades in my porridge have been mouse poo and I've been eating it up.

On the bright side, they really do make the oats nice and creamy.


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Anonymous said...

I've got to get myself a mouse, my porridge is far too gluggy.

PTR said...

The great thing is that you can actually keep the mouse in the box of oats. Just give it a little tube to drink water out of and you'll be breakfasting like a champion.

Anonymous said...

Mouse, schmouse - I'm getting a horse!

Anonymous said...

You might want to start looking for a really big box of oats then - unless you were thinking a shetland pony?

Adding salt to porridge - what a great tip! That esteemed colleague of yours sounds like a top bloke, and real smart like too.

PTR said...

Yeah initially he did come across like that. But just between you and me, I think he's been shitting in my breakfast cereal.