Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it significant that FaceBook has started pushing ads for anxiety attack cures at me?

I can tell that exams are coming.  They aren't close, they won't arrive for another few months.  If this was a Western and I was a train robber, I'd be crouched down with my ear to the rails listening ... listening, while my boss chewed his terbaccy and spat in the dust.  I can't hear exams of course, but I can tell they are coming all the same, because my classic diversionary activities are really ramping up.  I have noted:
  1. increased frequency of online Scrabble playing,
  2. heightened interest in recreational wargaming, and most ominously of all,
  3. marked propensity to cook elaborate meals.
Yesterday I cooked a ragout of Italian sausages in a chilli, sage and tomato sauce, that I served with buttery parmesany polenta, roasted garlic and pumpkin with rosemary, and sauteed asparagus.  And today I made Burmese braised pork with chilli bamboo shoots served with a boiled salted duck egg.

Deluxe.  And a whole lot better than studying.

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