Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Socrates drank hemlock - we can only wait and hope

One of my pet peeves, if not monstrous hates, is the type of doctor who chooses to "educate" students using the lazy man's version of the Socratic method.  The Socratic method, if you're not familiar with it, consists of not directly answering questions but instead challenging the student with questions that engage them in thoughtful discussion.  This works well if you are Socrates - not so well if you're a pompous git who can't be bothered interrupting your own scribbling in the notes to even look at the student, let alone allow your cerebrum to process more than a few key words in the original question.

My boss last year was a big fan of this.  When I asked him why we weren't getting the tutorials we were supposed to, he got all Zen and said, "My job is to open the door but only you can walk through."  Deep.  Anyway, this is all prompted because I had the following exchange with one of the doctors this week:
Why is the girl in bed 12 on roxithromycin?

Well, why do we put patients on roxithromycin?

Mmmm.  A telling point.
I wonder if they do this sort of thing every time anybody asks them a question...
Do you know how fast you were going ?

Do you know how fast I was going?

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