Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was doing my special curtain dance this evening for the Hatchling.  It's the one where I pull the strings that draw the curtains surreptitiously and meanwhile make like David Copperfield, as if I'm magically enchanting the curtains to close without touching them.  The Hatchling loves it.  She also loves the curtains when they are totally stationary, so maybe it's them rather than me, but I'm keeping it fresh until she's old enough to tell me just in case.

Anyway, after putting on this great performance, my Smaller Half made some remark to the Hatchling, that she should be scared because half of her genetic material is mine.  I pointed out to my Smaller Half that since I weigh almost twice as much as her it's probably more like me:her in a 2:1 ratio.

It's kind of strange the way people usually talk about being half Scottish or a quarter Aboriginal or one-eighth Indian, but you seldom hear people say that they are one-third this or two-fifths that.  Yet a set of scales and some simple arithmetic is all that it would require to calculate much more accurate genetic histories for the purposes of determining risk.  Tip for all you first-year med students out there: in your upcoming genetics exams you'll get top marks if you include these types of weight-based calculations in your answers.

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