Friday, June 24, 2011

Paeds case review

A 37 year old male presented to the Paediatric Ward this morning at 0830 hrs complaining of tiredness and abdominal pains.

The tiredness has been present since early December 2010 when his first child was born.  The tiredness has been relatively constant but generally is better on weekends and is relieved by additional sleep. He complains of a lack of motivation and concentration, precipitated especially by his enrollment in a medical degree.

The abdominal pains began shortly before his arrival on the ward.  Further questioning elicited that he had not had any food or drink yet today due to rising late and rushing out of the house.  He states that in similar circumstances in the past he has suffered from identical abdominal pains which persisted until he ate.

On examination he was thin although healthy, mildly dehydrated, showed no neurological abnormalities, and had a clear chest.  He was prescribed a caffeine solution and referred to the volunteers BBQ breakfast in the courtyard, where he was treated with oral toast, bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, onion and sauce.  Shortly after treatment he was observed to be sleeping soundly in the doctors' office.

Please review in the afternoon - should be suitable for early discharge to home care.


Vonbon said...

Wait, they have toast at the volunteer BBQ now?

PTR said...

Err, no, just bread. Dammit. Caught lying again.

They do have steak though!

Lesleyfish said...

Man, I miss that breakfast BBQ. Apart from being a wonderful improvement on fruit and yoghurt on the rare occasion I actually got to partake, walking past it was a cheerful reminder that it's Friday :)