Monday, March 30, 2009


I really hit the books pretty hard on the weekend, but I think they hit me back. I had some really bizarre dreams last night, mostly related to all of the digestive stuff I've been learning.

I dreamed that I kept regurgitating these slimy, bouncy, golf-ball-sized lumps. Every now and then one would be a bit longer, more like an egg. It wasn't painful, but it was pretty unpleasant because I would choke and gag as it came up. At first I thought it was food that I had eaten, but it wasn't.

I cut one open to try to see what it was. It was made of smooth meat, like a chinese pork ball, all grey and gristly. In the very middle was some half-chewed up stuff like alfalfa sprouts.

Ew, it makes me feel sick just to think of it. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Anonymous said...

That's disgusting, I can't imagine what sort of movements you would have been making in your sleep whilst experiencing said dream.

PTR said...

Hopefully none! I should have been in a state of REM atonia with inhibited motor neurones.