Friday, February 27, 2009

Et tu, Ranga?

My day started well. We're being visited for the weekend by my Aged Mother, so I took her off to a nearby town and we had a coffee before walking up and down the beach for an hour. Then we met up with my Smaller Half for lunch before I set off for uni, as I had a liver microscopy prac to attend.

Unfortunately, that's when my car chose to betray me. It overheated soon after I left town, the temperature gauge swinging wildly around as I pulled off the road every few kilometres to let it cool down. I turned for home and searched around for a spanner-monkey to fix it. Once I got it to a mechanic, he told me he'd just fixed another car of the same model and year as mine for the same problem and that I shouldn't drive it over the weekend until he could look at it on Monday, or it might explode and scatter my limbs across the countryside.

Curses. No liver prac for me.

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