Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clinical audit audit audit

Although most medical students are accustomed to producing audits, few are used to audit auditing.  Thus, this audit audit audit audits audit audits to measure their compliance with the protocol suggested by the Trans-Tasman Council of Amateur Humorists (TTCAH) and makes recommendations to improve the audit auditing process.

Ethics Approval
Ethics approval was sought for the audit audit audit because of the high likelihood of two adverse events:
  1. That those exposed would find it so unutterably funny that they might bust some kind of internal valve from laughing so hard.
  2. That those exposed would find it so unutterably tiresome that they might lapse into a narcoleptic coma and miss their next dental appointment.
The Ethics And Human Research Committee advised that ethics approval would not be granted for such diabolically try-hard self-deprecation as contained in this sentence and thus the final audit audit audit would contain no such sentences. Otherwise they said it would be fine.

Selection of audit audits
The auditor briefly considered a range of semi-humorous methods that may have been employed to find and select audit audits before deciding that it was getting reasonably late and he wanted to get on with the main business of making stupid jokes so he would just present the selected audit audit for audit as a fait accompli with a white wine sauce and simply post a link to it.  (LINK)

Analysis of audit audits
The selected audit audit was briefly reviewed to refresh my memory and some suitable categories were invented in order to produce a few graphs that were relevant to the audit audit.  These, coincidentally, are also identified in the TTCAH protocol for audit audits as being both necessary and sufficient for a late night blog post stretching one simple idea out to several hundred words, to wit:
  1. Snappy title
  2. Thin veneer of respectability
  3. Classical allusions that are actually totally bogus
  4. Leaving the door open for a sequel just in case it works this time.
The audit audit audit revealed that the audit audit had been undertaken with due regard for TTCAH processes.  This is clearly illustrated by the following charts:

 Snappy title - check!

Thin veneer of respectability - check!

Classical allusions - check!

Sequel - check!

  1. That I go to bed soon.
  2. Bacon and cheese toastie.
  3. More charts.
  4. Sell! Sell! Sell!
  5. Shift down a gear once you hit 2000 rpm.  This is also true of driving.
  6. Winning the Victoria Cross twice.
  7. Banana (serving suggestion).


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