Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to the world

Okay, so the people have spoken!  They demanded, in the most recent poll, that I have a baby girl and I, in my wisdom, did so order my Smaller Half.  And fortunately, that's exactly what happened or else I would have ended up looking pretty silly and my sense of masculine authority over the reproductive outcomes of mine own loins would have been severely compromised.

So yeah, my Smaller Half and I are the proud parents of a leetle baby girl.



jamie said...

I think this contest was rigged!

My verification word was "manizeds". This defines the act of sleeping a lot. Much like the fruit of your loins does at the moment and quite possibly what her mum and dad are going to be requiring in the next few years.
ell ohh ell

Anonymous said...


Big apologies PTR. If I had thought you were serious, I wouldn't have voted for not a boy, or girl, but Warthog!

PTR said...

Wait - you *wouldn't* have voted that way? But nobody did vote for a warthog...