Friday, December 17, 2010

Vital statistics

People have been demanding that I publicly release the all-important birth parameters of the Hatchling.  So here they are.

Age: zero.
Density: 1.01 kg/m3
Temperature: 310.15 K
Head circumference: 0.0001836 nautical miles
Resistance: > 1000 ohms
Str 3
Int 18
Wis 12
Dex 4
Con 16
Cha 25


JdR said...

But what's her THAC0?

Vonbon said...

Should have rerolled.
Sounds like you"re raising a Priest...

Lumpage said...

I punched "0.0001836 nautical miles" in to google and it suggested 34 cm before I even had clicked enter. Must be a popular search term recently...

Anonymous said...

Given the Hatchling is of the XX variety have you calculated the probability of her becoming a wargamer?

Anonymous said...

Oye - PTR! What about the real numbers?

How does the Hatchling rate on Moh's scale of hardness?

PTR said...

All good questions/comments.
a) 20
b) I'm sure her Str and Dex will improve as she ages.
c) They are reading your mind! Wear a tinfoil hat.
d) P < 0.0001836
e) 5