Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet the Hatchling

The arrival of the Hatchling has caused much excitement in our families.  We'll be going home for Christmas to my Aged Mother's place which will be the first time that everyone else will get to meet her in the flesh.  Until then we are stringing them along with a drip-feed of photos every couple of days to illustrate astonishing developmental milestones such as lying on her left, lying on her right, kicking her feet, wearing a cute new outfit, being held by various people, and being generally gorgeous.

I was particularly amused this morning to receive a photo back from the Clan with this picture, a robot version of the Hatchling constructed spontaneously and surprisingly accurately by one of her talented cousins out of Lego:


Anonymous said...

What big eyes she's got!

PTR said...

All the better to 100100111100110111 you with!