Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suits me

Brrrrrring!  Brrrrrring!


Gym Person
Hello, I'm Gym Person.  I'm just calling to check if you know that we have new spray tanning booths being installed next week.

Oh, that's exciting!

Gym Person
Yes, so if you have any women or you need a tan you can get it done right here for only $25.

I have no idea what she meant by "if you have any women".  I'm hoping she just mis-spoke because she was so startled by my rapturous enthusiasm for spray tan booths.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I could lend you my harem, but only if I was assured I'd get them back

Anonymous said...

Am I the first to comment on the grey hair counter?

Can I just say that it seems disturbingly accurate?

That is all.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. Ptr doesn't have that many hairs.

PTR said...

I knew a man in Aberdeen who was completely hairless.

Scott said...

He was an ok guy though, besides that fact

Shawn said...

Hahaha...Where is that amazing gym? I need to know for when I have a woman.

PTR said...

Shawn, by that time it may have closed down.