Monday, November 8, 2010

I think I can

Why yes, I did have a lovely weekend.  Thank you for asking!  We got out of town and caught up with lots of old friends, all of whom happen to have young children.  It was tiring, as young children are, but none of our friends have gone completely insane and some of them have even had second children, so it was encouraging for me and my Smaller Half and gave us a sense that we could perhaps cope with the coming onslaught. 

Thanks friends!


Anonymous said...

You didn't visit us and our children on the weekend. Does that mean you're not our friends any more?

Wooah - did I just get sloughed on a blog? I'm not sure I need friends like that. Oh, that's right - the problem has solved itself.

[Note to all the fans of the War on Innumeracy (WoI) - can you really have a self-solving problem? Discuss with references to recent case histories]

PTR said...

a) Yes I did!
b) No you didn't!
c) Exhibit A: the self-licking ice-cream.