Thursday, October 21, 2010


Paroxysmal cough,
So bad you thought you'd vomit.
Vaccine lasts five years.


Richard Arnold said...

I'm not sure whether the times are correct - but 5:40am?

Here, I balance the awesomeness of your haiku's with the need for you to sleep.

I go the haiku's - for now.

If problems persist, see your doctor.

PTR said...

Ha - I was wondering if anybody would notice. The times are indeed correct, but fear not Gentle Reader! I have been using blogger's Remarkable Facility For The Scheduling Of Future Posts to create the impression that I have been staying up all night studying.

It's exhibit A for the defence if I should happen to fail my exams.

Anonymous said...

Chest pain? Short of breath?
'Mona' greats you at the door,
ECG needed.

PTR said...

That's a good one. Except I have no idea what "Mona greats you at the door" means.

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

mona is a dirty whore
stands for morphine, oxygen, GTN, aspirin

PTR said...

I think you'll find that:
- morphine
- oxygen
- aspirin
spells Moga, not Mona. As for your slanderous libel towards Moga, well...