Sunday, April 28, 2013

Double edged

On our fridge we have a little round magnet inscribed with a quote from Goethe, who was a real smart German guy. Or possibly Swiss or American or even Dutch. Anyway, smart enough to get stuff he said written onto fridge magnets.

It says, "Nothing is worth more than this day"

When I get up in the morning and I'm stumbling my way into the kitchen this is a gentle reminder to be mindful, to savour the world as it is, and to fully engage with reality. Makes me feel like the goddamn Dalai Lama.

But on a bad day, when I look at it, my brain interprets it literally and the message I get is: "This day is worth less than nothing."

I wonder if depression is more common in mathematically minded people?


Anonymous said...


It's not all the high-falut'n maths, it's owning a fridge that is getting you down. Cold food is merely an illusion.

Renounce refrigeration as the path to happiness. (I made a fridge magnet with that boldly emblazoned on it, but for some reason it's not a best seller. Darn crowd-sourcing!

PTR said...

That is a quality piece of advice. Wait - are you Goethe??