Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best foot forward

I went to see a patient recently - while I was trying to examine him he started to peel off the sticky dots with metal buttons that serve as ECG leads.  I thought I'd give him a hand, just to try to build up some patient rapport, that kind of thing.  But as I reached down to the V3 lead he drooled on me, on my bare skin on the hairy part of my wrist.  Ew!

But wait, there's more.

Later on I was walked around and I noticed that my right shoe was going click, click, click.  Must be a drawing pin in the bottom of my shoe, I thought.  On inspection though I found that I had a big sticky ECG dot on the sole of my shoe.

So there I am, adopting the "I've just stepped in dog poo" posture while I'm trying to peel this thing off my shoe in the nurses station, when around the corner comes a nurse, who stops and raises an inquisitive eyebrow.

I paused dramatically and said, "I think I've been going too hard with my chest compressions".


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