Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music hath charms

About two years ago I ran a poll on the eve of the birth of the Hatchling, asking if we should have a girl or a boy.  Well, now the truth is dawned on me - we had a Yokel.

For about 18 months I thought we had a little girl.  Whenever we took her anywhere in the car she would shout out "Baa-baa song! Baa-baa song!" until we put her favourite nursery rhymes on to play.  If I ever tried to put on the radio or play something more, shall we say, sophisticated, she would say, "No Dada music.  Baa-baa song!" - all of which is consistent with my initial diagnosis of Little Girl Syndrome.

Then about 6 months ago I found that if I sang to her in my best Johnny Cash voice that she quite liked it - at least for a song or two.  Danny Boy was her favourite, but she also liked Folsom Prison Blues and Ring Of Fire.  At that stage I was thinking that perhaps she was actually a Redneck.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This morning, though, I was playing bluegrass by Bela Fleck and Earl Scruggs in the car while driving her off to child-care, and she was loving it.  She was slapping her knees with both hands, and laughing.  When I asked her if she liked the music she said it was "Funny!", which is her all-purpose term of approval.  She also pointed at the sky and said, "Yee-hah!", which is something she picked up from the song She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain.  It was a real hoedown in the back seat of my car.  And that was when I knew - she's a Yokel.

Just like Dada :)


Jamie Richards said...

I hope that this is just the beginning of a lifetime love affair with music for her.

Anonymous said...


Is yokel a subset of redneck, or are the two groups functionally independent?

The good news is, if she IS a yokel, your possum problems will soon be just a distant lip-smacking memory.

"Mmm mmmM - 'taint 'noth-n' quite like home-fried possum."