Monday, February 18, 2013


My Smaller Half and I went to see Spielberg's new film "Lincoln" the other day. It was good. It was like a two and a half hour episode of The West Wing, but without Alison Janney, which was a shame. Still, I recommend it to you if you're interested in a film which is mostly dialogue about politics. It might be worthwhile reviewing your American civil war history before you go though. I made the mistake of reviewing my Spanish civil war history instead, which wasn't as useful as I'd hoped.  Being largely ignorant of US history and geography made the film more baffling than it would have been to my american doppelganger, but on the other hand perhaps that allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of the film such as the relationship between Lincoln and his wife, and their housekeeper.
However, there were two things about it that were difficult for me:
  • Abraham Lincoln's voice was uncannily like Grandpa Simpson.
  • The soundtrack was eerily similar to that of Forrest Gump.
 I kept expecting old Abe to burst into a rendition of "On the road again" before collapsing into a narcoleptic stupor. But it didn't happen.  And the film is not well set-up for a sequel in which this could happen because *SPOILER ALERT* Lincoln is assassinated at the end of it.  Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Shot? That's terrible news.

The Americans really need to do something about the whole "right to bear arms", otherwise they'll be arguing about it in 150 years time!

PTR said...

Nah - no way would it ever drag on that long. Lincoln was a Republican so those guys will be clamping down hard on guns, mark my words!