Sunday, December 2, 2012

Modern genius

Despite the Hatchling's shortcomings in classical mechanics and abstract algebra, she is doing well in fields.  Botany, for example.  She has been hampered somewhat by being unable to pronounce the word "flower" - producing something more akin to "fla-fa", but nevertheless her theoretical knowledge is excellent.

Just the other day when I was eating a plate of nasi lemak, she pointed at the red-skinned roasted peanuts on my plate and said, "Bean! Bean!".  Now it would easy to patronisingly assume that she had mistaken the red peanuts for kidney beans, which she had in fact eaten just several days earlier.  I, however, knew that she knew that peanuts are not true nuts but are actually a variety of legume, or bean.

Well played, little Hatchling, well played.

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