Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern primitive strikes back

The Hatchling doesn't really understand equivalence relations in set theory. She's so cute that way. Still, I hope it's something that she overcomes soon or she's really going to struggle when I start reviewing topology with her next year.

This all came to light during bath-time. I asked her what colour her little turtle was, and she quite rightly responded, "Green!". I then held up a green cup and asked her what colour it was, and she said, very confidently, "Purple!"

I had to explain to her that since the turtle was green, and since the cup was clearly the same colour as the turtle, that the cup must also be green. She was gracious enough to admit her mistake in this instance but didn't seem to be convinced by the more general principle.

Note to self: Hothouse not hot enough. Make more flashcards.

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