Monday, January 30, 2012


 Oh. So. Tired.

Did another 13 hour cover shift yesterday (Sunday) and was busy busy the whole time.  Nothing too scary or deadly but it was exhausting.  It's a bit horrifying to realize that it's Monday and I feel like it's Friday.

The highlight of the shift was getting paged to go to a distant ward.  I walked in and the faces of the nurses behind the desk lit up like it was Christmas.  "Here's the doctor", they said, "He can help!"

At that moment I felt so proud.  The doctor is here to save the day.  "What seems to be the problem?", I asked in my most nonchalant manner, as if I've been doing this for years rather than two weeks.

They looked at each other eagerly, then turned back to me and asked, "How do you spell abscess?"


Anonymous said...

Yay, what a question!
Rejoice that this something easily answered..

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

haha. A doctor is someone who can do anything including knowing the right spelling, eh. :)

Peny@cherokee uniforms