Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hypothetical awards for which I coulda been a contender

  1. Most destructive relationship with clinical supervisor.
  2. Most adorable baby.
  3. Most patient wife.
  4. Most prolific blogger.
  5. Least sociable.
  6. Most consistent seating position in First and Second year.
  7. Lunch.
  8. Fewest appearances in theatre during a surgery rotation.
  9. Most arty tie.
  10. Least kempt.


Pink Stethoscopes said...

Second your nomination for most adorable baby / best-looking med baby.

I would like to nominate myself for the award of "Walking the wrong way after shaking the Dean's hand and having to climb over rows of chairs to get to my seat, despite being almost last in the alphabet". My parents would be less embarrassed if there were an award for that.

PTR said...

Hahaha - and here was me thinking that you were doing a Pat Cash @ Wimbledon stunt!