Friday, July 15, 2011

Gender mender

So why is it that men seem to behave so strangely around boy babies?  Show a guy a little girl baby and he'll go all cutesy-pie and goo-goo trying to get her attention and he'll praise her gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes and all but start to file adoption papers. 

But show a guy a little baby boy and he'll go all blokey-matey and call him "chief" or "muscles" and not be nearly as snuggly and friendly and generally nice.

Is it some kind of bizarre fear of being thought to be homosexual?  Or are they genuinely unable to relate to other males except via the medium of sport?  Or is it actually a reflection of men only valuing females for their appearance and thus not being threatened by them whereas boys will in future grow up to slit their throats in the night and steal off with their daughters?

Man, I can't wait for my psychiatry block!

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