Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I usually have a small notepad secreted somewhere about my person where I jot down phone numbers, book references, interesting quotes, and other things that I am otherwise liable to quickly forget.  Scattered throughout the book will be little seeds of ideas for things to post about here.  About half the time I follow up on it.  About half the rest of the time I'll decide the idea is a dud.  Very occasionally I'll decide that an idea is good but would be more effort to complete than I'm prepared to give.  And the rest of the time I find the note at some later date and think to myself, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?  I must have been smoking crack."

Sometimes I can look at a note and clearly remember the circumstances under which I wrote it - just not what the note actually signifies.  Sometimes a note makes me think of something quite definite - but I'm pretty sure it's not what I meant myself to think of when I wrote it.  Sometimes a note is truly mysterious - it's in my hand but I have no memory of it at all.

Here's a collection of extinct blog prompts from the last couple of years.  It resembles the ravings of a madman, so I've chosen to arrange it visually to resemble poetry - the poetry of driftwood and lost balloons and old photos. 

favourite bowl
Thar she blows!
character "in" a book - from? of?
Greatest American Hero
Wolf Creek Cafe
Calendars and other people's dogs
Kit fox

itch! actual ants!
glasses with bizarre sideboards
Shadow puppet - doctor?
Sad second-hand stores
David Bowie over 20 years
Body dysmorphic effect vs re-reading own writing
aqueous humour - watery joke?
visualizing blood vessels!

eating vs studying - good-bad or bad-good
gold injections!
stress reduction kit
only girls and Italians cook
presentation - ongoing fear
who wants a ride up?
tuning fork
chopping veggies - not dice!/cubed! chinese style
on screws

book cover/binder
concentrate on not reading things
awards for med school
a blob for you
psychic expo
smelling like chicken
towel - bee - cold - A-delta - alfalfa
lostradio - insulting people, standing in dog shit

Colonel Light's laser powers!
evil genius of Pat Rafter accumulating sinisterness
What's next?


Anonymous said...

Why is the picture of a hippo?

Is that how you think of your sub-conscious?

PTR said...

I just wanted something murky and suggestive of my subconscious behemoths. So I did a google search for "murky subconscious behemoth" and found this picture of a murky subconscious behemoth so I thought I'd use it.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the one titled "Shadow puppet - doctor?" oh and do you remember the riots in gothenburg?

PTR said...

A) If I knew what that one was about it wouldn't be on the list!
B) No I do not. I was very, very drunk.