Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to Port Adelaide

WELCOME to historic Port Adelaide! 

THRILL to the wide open vistas of the deserted streets. MARVEL at the endless blocks of boarded up shopfronts!  RELAX in a neighborhood cafe where moustachioed women ignore your every whim!  PONDER the local economy which seems to be dominated by the police station and magistrates court!  FEAR for your life as belligerent bikies roar past!  TRUDGE down the waterfront and wonder if things will open some other day!

Port Adelaide is happening.  No really, it is!  It's happening to you, right now!  Can you feel it?


James said...

Enjoy one of Adelaide's most utilised walking tracks alongside Port road. You'll have too, your car just got stolen.

PTR said...

It's happening to YOU!