Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maybe we still are in Kansas, Toto!

As usual, we went out tonight to celebrate Willie Nelson's birthday.  We had a great time, going back to our favourite Japanese restaurant.  We ate extravagantly, and lapped up the admiration of our fellow diners for the Hatchling.

Afterwards, we headed south and checked out a new dessert-only cafe.  Its doors don't open until 8pm and we fortunately arrived on the dot and secured a table to beat the rush.  Sticky black coconut rice, rose panna cotta and a stein of teh tarik.  Mmmm.

We got up to pay at the counter and I overheard one of the girls behind me admiring the Hatchling:

(to friend)
Look, look, how gorgeous!

(turning to show off the Hatchling a bit more)
Thank you.

(to friend)
Look at the little half-caste baby!

Gotta love Adelaide...

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