Friday, February 11, 2011

Spot diagnosis?

So yesterday I gave a talk to the various paramedics, nurses, registrars and consultants at the end of my first rotation.  I was pretty tense about the whole thing since I was basically getting up and talking to them about stuff that they do every day whereas I have only a pretty tenuous grip on.  So I used my most wily of tricky tricks to make them feel like they couldn't be too cruel and rend me limb from stinking limb for my ignorance.  Trick number one was to put my most cuterest picture of the Hatchling as the first slide in my presentation to make them all go "awwwww". 

So I flashed up the picture and before I could say a word, one of the doctors in the front row who I've spent a bit of time with shouted out, "Noonan syndrome!"

Oh how we laughed.


Anonymous said...

Don't hurt me, no more.

Anonymous said...

Does the Hatchling look like she used to sing out the front of "Something for Kate?"

PTR said...

Are you sure you don't mean "george"?