Friday, February 25, 2011

Education revolution

Here are the facts:
  • Girls get better educational outcomes in single sex schools.
  • Boys get better educational outcomes in mixed schools.
  • Girls who go to single sex schools seem reasonably normal.
  • Boys who go to single sex schools are thuggish ruffians of the first water.
So sadly it seems that we either have single sex schools and the boys lose out or co-ed schools and the girls lose out.  Unless ... unless ... someone, somehow, can come up with an ingenious scheme whereby we can have the best of both worlds.  But who could possibly be so clever?  Who amongst us, what paragon of untrammelled creativity, could draw together these disparate threads and weave a tapestry to hang high above us all and show the way to salvation?  Who?


My simple proposal is that all classrooms should be fitted with one-way mirrors down their length.  Boys and girls would be separated by the glass such that the boys could see the girls but not vice versa. 


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