Thursday, December 17, 2015

On zederisms

A recent comment confused me. As usual.

Bruce Hamjangles accused me of promulgating zederisms.  Despite googling the word, I had no idea what a zederism was.  Turns out it's a neologism for spelling words with a 'z' (pronounced 'zed') that would be normally spelled with an 's' in standard Australian English.

Guilty as charged.

But before you pass sentence, hear this.  I only did it because insists that 's' is wrong and puts a little red squiggle under the word.  A little red squiggle which I find so annoying that it's psychologically less damaging for me to just cave in and use American English's 'z' (pronounced 'zee').

Bruce Hamjangles also used the word "ġeār-dagum" which I am unable to shed any light on at this stage of my existence.  Do not doubt, however, that I am devoting myriad resources to decoding this apparent keyboard face-plant.


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Bruce Hamjangles said...

Dear PTR,

Oh, allow me... "ġeār-dagum", in OG English would be "yore-days".

And, I confess, another apology... The usage of ÞTR, was a sly piece of dickery too.

The Þ is to my understanding pronounced as a "th" type sound, making the ÞTR theta. To the best of my knowledge, PTR is no theta, making this baseless slander.

Rest assured I have no idea what an aspirated voiceless dental plosive is, nor a voiceless dental fricative.

Who doesn't love a dick?