Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fresh out of ice-cream

An anonymous commenter on my previous post made me wonder if there is any documentary evidence of zombie Lego Friends with hypercholesterolaemia having fought in the Vietnam war. Perspicacity such as this can't be ignored, so I scoured the classified microfiche banks in my basement and discovered this picture.

The thicket in the background places the subject probably somewhere around the Mekong delta. The rifle is an M14, dating the picture to roughly 1965-67, unless the zombie Lego Friend was serving in the US Marines or Army Engineers, in which case it could date to as late as 1974.

As you can see, the zombie Lego Friend is carrying a large  supply of fish oil, known to help lower elevated triglycerides. While elevated triglycerides are not a typical feature of familial hypercholesterolaemia, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, whilst it is impossible to definitively identify which zombie Lego Friend this is, the style and colour of the remnants of hair strongly suggest that this could be the undead form of Olivia, previously known primarily for her mobile ice-cream shop, powered by bicycle.

No doubt she roams the delta still.


Anonymous said...

She roams the delta still...

That's a big change for poor Olivia.

PTR said...

True, but there's a big demand for ice-cream there.

Rugile Rarelyte said...

I'm pretty sure Lego should invent a mini blood glucose device in order to save these zombies from diabetes!