Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dream envy

The Hatchling got up from an afternoon snooze the other day and I asked her if she'd had a dream.
"Yes, I had a lovely dream" - what about?
"Fairies." - what colour were they?
"Pink, like a pom-pom" - lovely - what were they doing?
"They were building a statue" - out of what?
"Out of pieces that one of the fairies brought along" - how did you stick the pieces together, with glue or with tape?
"They stuck'ded themselves together, like Lego" - and did you help them?
"Yes I helped because if you were the best friends of the fairies you could help, otherwise you could only watch, like the elves" - were there elves there?
"Yes, they were naughty elves who were slapping and punching each other, but some other elves were good and they help'ded us".

I felt kind of envious after hearing this.  It does sound like a lovely dream.  When I was a kid I mostly had dreams about giant yaks devouring the carpet from under my feet faster than I could run away. Still, it made me the man I am today so I mustn't complain.


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