Monday, January 19, 2015


You laugh at me when I need help.
You act incredulous that I can't read your mind. 
You make me guess when you know I don't know. 
You answer my question with a question
You question my answer too.

You're too busy for me. 
You've heard more interesting stories far away, in another time. 
You won't meet my eye. 

You wander and hide and make me chase you. 
Your affectation of indolence tells me what I need to know. 
You dismiss me. 

You monitor me. 
You check up on me behind my back. 
You offered, I agreed, but then the offer changed. 
You made me feel like I could do this. 

You stare at me disbelieving. 
You mistrust me. 
You threaten me. 
You tried to take away my options. 

You talk and talk and talk. 
You don't listen. 
You won't listen. 
You don't trust me. 
You brag and strut and pout. 

You grin and smile and act like my friend.
You seize the opportunity to belittle me. 
You assert your dominance. 
Your perception of my admiration is all too wrong. 

You are lazy. 
You make me do your dirty work. 
You mock and boast and preen. 

You trust me. 
You thank me for what I have to give. 
You listen to my opinion. 
You sympathise. 
You make me feel like a human. 

You interrupt. 
You correct. 
You don't listen. 
You look so bored. 
You make your obligations seem like favours. 
Your contempt is showing. 


Anonymous said...


Nice writing.


PTR said...

Well, this is awkward. It really was about you.