Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wake me up before you go-go

Oh woe is me! Here I am at work at the godforsaken hour of 4 a.m., finally taking a well-earned break, but tragedy of tragedies, I can get no respite!

Unfortunately one of the orderlies happens to share my first name (actually we both use it at the same time so it's not really sharing) so he has a propensity to chat at me. And he is taking his break at the same time as I am taking mine. Sad face. 

His opening gambit was to observe that in the days before mobile phones people used to talk to each other. I assume this was intended to guilt-trip me into putting down my phone and talking to him. But I am made of sterner stuff than that. I simply agreed and kept on reviewing the fascinating bullshit on Facebook. 

Then he tried to engage me football which of course failed because I have no interest at all in football. So he tried asking my opinion of the upcoming war in/on Iraq mk III, which I am parlously ill-informed about, and said so, so that went nowhere. The whereabouts of his plastic cutlery - nope. The verdict on Oscar Pistorius - nope. The inability of the South Australian government to build good roads - nope. The fact that one of the nurses just walked in on him in the dunny. Nope. His insightful observation that I look tired. Grrr. 

It's not that I'm above talking to him because he's 'only' an orderly. It's just that I'm tired and need to rest and talking is not restful to me. And yeah I guess he isn't exactly scintillating. 

I am a rock. I am an iiiiiiiiiiiisland. 

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