Sunday, June 3, 2012

My bubba's too beveragalicious

Could I please have a cafe latte, a chai latte, a weak latte, and two bubbacinos?

Numbnut waiter
What's a bubbacino?

It's a little cup filled with milk froth.

Numbnut waiter
Oh, like a babycino?

And to save you the time making snide comments, I concede the following points:
  1. Yes, bubbacinos are an absurdly yuppyish thing to order.  But at this place they were free, and I'd rather order a free bubbacino than have my $3.50 coffee sabotaged by a lunging Hatchling.
  2. Yes, a weak latte is a girly thing to order.  Fortunately my Smaller Half is quite girly.
  3. Yes, a chai latte is also an absurdly yuppyish thing to order.  But it was for a friend we were meeting hence I take no responsibility for her choice of beverages.
Now those issues are cleared up, let's focus on what a numbnut the waiter is.


Anonymous said...

What, no skinny soy decaf latte in the mix? Or a half-soy half-decaf double-shot no-cream latte to go?

But, more importantly, who the hell calls babycinos "bubbacinos"?

PTR said...

Ha ha, I couldn't agree more! What a numbnut!