Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Most unpleasant emotion

Poll results are in! Apparently loneliness is by far the most unpleasant emotion, defeating the runner-up anger by 6 to 2. A couple of sympathy votes for embarrassment and fear rounded things out. Sadness and disgust were universally sneered at.

Again, the results surprised me. I expected more than zero votes for sadness. Maybe I should have given examples. I didn't mean sadness like when you drop your ice-cream. I meant the gut-wrenching sadness that crushes your heart into a piece of coal inside your chest and your whole body feels hollow. Sorry, I should have specified that.

Disgust was a bit of a dud wasn't it? I suppose that since more than a few of the readers of this blog are medical students, I should have expected disgust to not get much attention. I think we're all still desperately trying to steel our nerves against the bizarre and horrible things we see every day at uni. We can't afford to admit such a weakness as disgust. What if someone found out?

But I was most shocked at the winner. Loneliness?? Come on, toughen up people. Get a pen pal or something.


Anonymous said...

Pen pal? That's why I have a blog. I too am surprised sadness pulled a Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

well if you put sadness THAT way.

PTR said...

Anonymous 1: you have a blog, yet you posted anonymously? Fie, for shame! Self-publicise!

Anonymous 2: maybe I'll run the vote again sometime with better descriptions...
eg: pants-fell-down-embarrassment, cut-off-on-the-freeway-rage

Anonymous said...

aye i'd like that. Nothing like a good vote-o to break up the monotony of the day