Monday, April 20, 2009

First day back

First day back at school today. No idea if I passed the last lot of exams yet. I'm just pretending that they never happened, because every time I accidentally think about them I feel nauseous.

Current block is all about the mind, and its principle organ - the braaaaaain. (You have to say it like that or the zombies will realize you aren't one of them)

I have decided, in advance, to be fascinated by everything I come across. This will make it much easier to work hard and remember stuff, so as to avoid a debacle like that last set of exams that I'm not thinking about yet have already mentioned twice in three paragraphs.

It's working so far. I spent the afternoon in the library reading about the spinal cord and the braaaaaain. And it is indeed fascinating. Incredibly confusing and obscure, but fascinating.

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