Monday, October 20, 2014

The story about the dinosaur, the Bony-Head, and the school-children

Once, the teacher at the school decided to take all the school-children out to dig up fossils.  They went out into the country and the teacher gave each of the school-children a little spade to dig with.  They started to dig, and soon they found a bone!  They kept on digging and they found another bone, and another bone, and lots more bones.

They took all of the bones, and they put them together into a Mr Bony-Head.  But the bones were actually dinosaur bones, not Bony-Head bones, so the Bony-Head they made was very very angry.  He stomped all around, stomp stomp STOMP, and was chasing the school-children, trying to eat them up.

So they took the Bony-Head apart again, and used the bones properly to make a dinosaur.  And the dinosaur was so happy that he had been put together properly that he was really really nice and friendly and made friends with all the school-children.  So they took him to the museum to live, and he really liked it there because of the other dinosaurs there.  And the school-children would come to visit him on weekends to play.

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