Tuesday, January 15, 2013


How can I be expected to plan out my leave for a full year ahead when I struggle to have a shirt ironed each day for work?


Anonymous said...


The trick is to have a single ironed shirt for the year. Do it once and do it well. If you liberally daub the ruler straight creases on your sleeves with aralidite (TM) or another strong glue, you'll find that you only need to iron the shirt once for the whole year.

Anonymous said...

This means you have a residency position!

PTR said...

Anon2: oh right! Yes I do. I forgot to update my legion of fan here. The subject of a future post perhaps.

Anon1: I like the way you think. Or perhaps just the way you type. Anyway you've made me think and my solution is that I will wear only skin tight shirts and allow my bulging veins to take the place of the creases on my shirt.

Anonymous said...

Or wear no shirt at all and have a "pocket" tattooed over your left breast.

You can really impress if you also get cuff links tattooed on your wrists. Or just improvise your own unique cuff links each morning with a biro. I find it's a great talking point on your morning train to work.

Ask yourself - what would Putin do?

Lumpage said...

Pro-tip: Don't iron your sleeves. You'll just roll them up anyway... But I bet you already do this.