Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hurrah for bilateral symmetry!

One of the Hatchling's favourite words right now is "two!".  Due to her limited vocabulary it's been difficult to elucidate the precise reason for this, but here are some speculations:
  • It's the first number after 1.  If you went around pointing out all the things that were occurring once, you'd be overwhelmed with work.  But things occur in pairs infrequently enough to be worth pointing out.
  • It's easy to say.  Probably the easiest number of all.  Far easier than seven, three point six, or negative pi, for example.
  • It rhymes with "shoes", another of her favourite words.
  • Nyup nyup nyup beebeebeebeeee! Dada!
Be that as it may, the great thing about her favourite number (indeed, her only number) being "two!" is that I can wind people up by asking her questions to which the answer is 2, and watch them gawp in amazement when she gets them right.

How many elbows do you have?  Two!

How many ears do you have?  Two!

What eleven minus nine?  Two!

How many terms did Grover Cleveland serve as President of the USA?  Two!

How many spleens do you have?  Two!

It's a great game that the whole family can play.  Try it yourself today.  (But not on the Hatchling.  That would just be creepy.  Bug off.)


Anonymous said...

Two spleens? Is the Hatchling sure about that?

PTR said...

Well, she's getting closer to the correct answer now that she's learned the word "four".