Monday, July 9, 2012

ED haiku #2

The sick ones need it,
And it scares the well ones off,
So check the rectum.


Matticus Finch said...

I had my rectum checked on my last visit to the ED, checked well and truly, so well that only hours later I was having surgery for a torn bowel. Co-incidence? Maybe so, but the evidence was washed away before I could say clyster syringe.

Remember to check fingernails and know your own digit strength and reach before letting loose on your next rectum.

PTR said...

I think this is sound advice, Matticus. You don't want your fingernails breaking through that glove due to overly insistent probing and trapping unwelcome materials beneath them. And you MUST know the limits of your own reach. I've lost a number of very nice watches that way.