Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clinical spills

It's kind of hard to believe, but soon I'll be a doctor. 

I've done all of my assessment.
I have eleven days left on the wards.
Two weeks after that I'll graduate.
In January I'll start working.

And yet, frighteningly, I am unable to diagnose a simple case of tonsillitis.
Despite having been in the ear-nose-throat team for just shy of a month.
And it was in my own child, the Hatchling.
I shone my torch down her gullet and said, "Nope, those tonsils look fine".
Well, apart from the exuded pus, apparently.

I'll give myself part marks for actually thinking of it and checking for it, but zero (obviously) for my actual clinical skills.


Anonymous said...

Did you show your working? That's got to be worth some points as well

PTR said...

I never show my working. I prefer to maintain an aura of mystery.